Power Tiller – Terravate Pro


This power Tiller comes with an array of optional attachments. The HTTP 22 cc sprayer has the capability to reach upto 40 feet in height and has a nozzle adjustment that helps either fog or have a jet stream. The fogging capability can be ideal when spraying pesticides while the jet stream can be used to clean the leaves of small coconut trees or any fruit trees to wash down pests like the white fly.

The trolley or trailer attachment comes in varied sizes and depths to suit your requirement. This attachment is highly required in farms where manure has to be transported deep within the farm or coconuts have to be brought to a central location. This trolley is easily manoeuvrable and can be used on uneven surfaces. The trolley can carry upto 600kgs of payload weight.

The machine coupled with a sprayer and a trolley gives the farmer the ability to keep a 200ltr barrel on the trolley and fog an entire acre of land with ease before refilling. This is an ideal replacement for backpack sprayers.

The mower is a sophisticated attachment that helps the farmer cut fodder grass as well as extremely tall weeds. This machine can cut grass like super napier, Co4 and Co5, covering 1 acre in 1 hours time. In areas where tractors find it hard to enter a field due to abnormally tall grass and where visibility is poor, these machines are suited to clear land easily.

The terravate Pro is the ideal product for a farmer with large land holding and limited spacing between crops. A multifunctional machine for the professional farmer.